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Stephen "Stevie" Christopher Beall Jr., born June 2nd, 1986, touched many lives during his seventeen years on earth. A generous and giving young man raised in Hampstead, Maryland, Stevie loved life and all aspects of it. He pursued diverse interests, all of which he poured his heart and soul into.

Stevie had a passion for baseball. He was a pitcher and third baseman. Unlike many players today, Stevie had a quiet persistence in the sport. He pushed himself to perform to the best of his ability, always with the mind set that each game was the game of a lifetime, yet also cognizant that baseball was in fact only a game.

His love of baseball led him to attend the Elrod Hendricks' Baseball Camp, where he earned, among others, the "Olympic Award" for throwing the farthest distance. Later, when Stevie became a counselor at the camp, he bonded with the children he coached. His natural connection with children was also seen at North Carroll High School, where he was a reading assistant to students with learning disabilities. One reason why he was so effective, influential, and well liked by the children he worked with was because he had the ability to relate to them.

Academically, Stevie was an honor role student who pushed himself to take the most advanced classes possible. A college bound senior, he was an independent thinker who was not afraid to challenge people's points of view and voice his own. In Stevie there was a desire to learn, and like a sponge, he absorbed all the information he could. As a result, he developed a deep love of reading.

As active as Stevie was in sports (he played basketball as well as baseball), there was always time to sit down and read. Being an avid reader influenced another passion of his: writing. He conceived the ideas for a novel from his vivid imagination and diligently planned out the plot line. Unfortunately, the book he began was never finished; although, he had every intention of completing it.

In all of his endeavors, be it baseball, basketball or writing, Stevie strove for perfection. Notably, his perfectionism could be seen when he meticulously painted the warriors of his Warhammer game; an intricate game of battle strategies and fantasy armies with rules of play that require much practice to master. Each piece was painted in painstaking detail, making a pastime and hobby that required patience and a steady hand.

From the time he was eight, he worked with his father at a Christmas Tree Farm and later with his Dad's part-time Landscape business building water gardens.

Even greater than these loves in Stevie's life was his love of people. He befriended many and touched the lives of young and old alike; a remarkable achievement for a young man of seventeen years. He made a point of being there for his family and friends, always willing to listen and always with a positive disposition. Stevie was born with a big heart and a warm smile, both of which made him a wonderful person and a privilege to know. Stevie Beall Jr. will be forever missed by family and friends who knew and loved him most.